Answers All Your Questions

“The guy that helped me(Harry)was very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of good advice and even though I asked 100 questions did not get short with me or try to hurry me along, Even though I was only spending about $10. I highly recommend this place. Also they have a very wide selection.”

– Robert R.


Service With A Smile

“Newer store to Fort Lauderdale. They have a nice selection of salt and fresh water fish and coral. My biggest requirement for a good fish store is a friendly face and a smile which I get every time I walk in there. Can’t say the same for other stores in the area. This place has good prices and great sales. I recommended following their social media cause they post some of their sales and promotions good.”

– Erik O.


Can't Be Beat Prices

“Awesome store and Alex is very helpful!! Stopped by to grab some clean up crew on the way home. His prices can’t be beat!”

– Mark F.


Honest Advice

“I love this place! Incredible customer service. We were buying an aquarium for work yesterday and the staff was super helpful in selecting fish, products, and food–they also gave us advice and steering us away from even more expensive fish because he knew we couldn’t make them last. Thank you so much, we’re definitely coming back for more fish and items!”

– Genevieve A.


Knowledgeable Guide

“Went there several times. The owner is very knowledgeable and helpfull. He has educated me as well as guiding me through the set up of my first saltwater tank. Im very anxious, nervous, and excited all in one. But he is definitely reassuring and patient with me.”

– Nala E.


Great Selection

“Bought a beautiful Racoon Butterfly here. Very nice staff and nice selection of salt water and freshwater angels. Also some nice looking corals.”

– Harrison S.

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